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oops i closed my aws tab

guess i'll just have to

stop thinking about work


@danhunsaker so, opinion: worth it to run my own? Want an alternative to things like Google Hangouts and WhatsApp, etc.

Anyone doing things with XMPP anymore?

@gargron your "laziness" makes me feel really bad about my "productivity." (Reverse the actions taken)

@lightlysalted welcome to Shitposter Club, have fun and post lots! There's a short list of rules if you click your avatar on the upper right and choose "read our terms of use". Again, welcome!

Oh thank God for being back home I'm gonna crash now.

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That's it, I've done it. I've generated the best quote on this site. tootplanet.space/media/DZLU0PK

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@nezchan @AlexLW huh, missed that in the chain. Wouldn't use the clients again, but


@nezchan @AlexLW now, bigger question: do you remember your ICQ number?

Tired: Shaka, when the walls fell
Wired: Creed, with arms wide open