Christopher Kruse

•Do early design work in small, invested groups
•Design in the open, but away from the bright lights of the big stage
•Iterate furiously early on because once it’s in the web, it’s forever
•Prioritise interop over perfect specs; #indieweb #microformats

in japan the taco bell slogan is "itadaki más"

Soundchecking at the Tractor in a few. If you're in Ballard tonight, come check us out at 8!

I spent all of this morning at the laundromat. Some of the machines had this DANGER! sign on them. I added the captions for clarity.

#StickMan #Laundromat

And complete! Gear mounted in the garage, and I drilled a hole through the wall without destroying everything!

Best thing about running your own private Mastodon instance is that you don't feel as bad about downtime, because you only impact one user, who was already aware of the upcoming downtime, and you didn't even have to email them.

The score for the THX “Deep Note” sound, made public for the first time after 35 years:

And finally back up! Had an outage while I work on home networking equipment. Will go off tomorrow too while I mount this thing to the wall in the garage. 😀💾

I would like to inform you that I have updated my privacy policy.

@nonphatic mister handman
man me a hand
door hook a car door
man door hook car hand

Blew my teen students' minds by showing them some computer animated films done on a machine with 4K 1978.


Test. Lemme know if you see this. Worried I broke something somewhere.

I think my productivity circuit breaker is tripped