Christopher Kruse

It's not super awesome yet, but my #gamedev in #rustlang has progressed to a space ship that shoots bullets that make janky falling asteroids disappear.

Holy crap getting through LAX this morning was a major shitshow. Has been "upgraded" to my #1 slot of "worst airports to travel through" (unseating Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) which is now in the #2 spot).

Landed in LAX 5 hours before I left Sydney.

*sees post about "inbox zero"*

*cries inside*

All right, guys, someone on #mastoart has to have a wall calendar (like, one page a month) for sale, yes?

I need a 2018 wall calendar, work-safe. Send me your links.


Short work week culminating in a Friday trip to SYD. If only all work weeks were like this.

Hey fediverse! Is anyone of you interested in #scheme or #lisp (or even #programming in general)?

I’m starting to work on the manual of CHICKEN Scheme’s upcoming major release.

Do you have anything you would love to see in a manual or tutorial introduction? Any input in welcome!

(boost if you want to help a cool open-source project 😇)

RT it's duckles

Also, what on earth are we going to call the 20s when they roll around again

The Screamin' Twenties?

The Tootin' Twenties?

Periodic not to let people know I'm still here. Been quiet the past couple weeks.

Alan Kay:

<<The sad part of [the doing -> images -> symbols] diagram is that every child in the United States is taught math and physics through this [symbolic] channel. The channel that almost no adult creative mathematician or physicist uses to do it... They use this channel to communicate, but not to do their thing. >>

The knight looked from his sword to the dragon.
"This is not going to work, is it?"
"Have you considered chocolate?"
"Should I?"
"Try it."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

I'm gonna throw up my GPG as soon as I can boot into a OS I can Trust #Crypto #Security