Christopher Kruse

Has anyone made a Tales game bot?

Tales of Burbaglua
Tales of Smilooo
Tales of Burpo
Tales of Phamboodly
Tales of Nebamakihagoobeep
Tales of Bort
Tales of Odminaaaaaaaaaa
Tales of Sendhelptheyvelockedusin!
Tales of Rumpus
Tales of Groobus

@moonman Ubuntu is generally the nicest mix of "works out of the box" and "doesn't take weeks to set up". I've had better experiences with other distros, and have other distros I prefer, but Ubuntu is just easy.

htop 2.1.0 is officially released! and you heard it first here on Mastodon!

With that said, it's been fun/a little tiring setting up the EdgeRouter. Solid piece of equipment though.

And I'm back. Power outage and new networking equipment brought me down for a bit.

Ordered new networking equipment for the home lab tonight. Unifi AP and edge router, and Net gear switch.

How did this article about federated social networks on LWN pass by me? It's pretty good though

@lmorchard actually that's pretty damn cool. I've just got a couple of projects I keep spinning wheels on - you've got results. That alone is worth kudos/congrats. 🎉

It's not super awesome yet, but my #gamedev in #rustlang has progressed to a space ship that shoots bullets that make janky falling asteroids disappear.

@moonman me too - I try to find small projects to keep sharp when I'm not tired of looking at screens.

Holy crap getting through LAX this morning was a major shitshow. Has been "upgraded" to my #1 slot of "worst airports to travel through" (unseating Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) which is now in the #2 spot).

Landed in LAX 5 hours before I left Sydney.