Christopher Kruse

Struggling today.

Had an existential moment last night, because I'm having trouble finding something to capture my attention. I feel like I'm not enjoying things to the levels I used to, and that's a little scary. 😰

@moonman That's a load of crap.

"Hey, let's build our platform based on this existing one, but not let people using the existing platform interact with ours."


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I need a distraction.


Video games?

Something else?

Nothings seems interesting.

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beat the surface pro
efibootmgr is the key to victory
grub is loading
xubuntu up and running

@KitRedgrave I've been playing with this in my mind for weeks, trying to figure out how to unify ActivityPub and the IndieWeb/micropub things. Microformats support a wide list of post types, and this is basically how I'd want them to propagate out to the world.

Sorry, y'all get my late night self-pity ramble. I should just suck it up and be happy with where I'm at.

Sweet, "rel=me" verification is coming to Mastodon! You can actually get a checkmark next to the links in your profile.

I have this mental image of enjoying a devrel/dev advocate role, but then also feel like I don't have anything to say that people would find helpful.

I know I have had experiences I could share, but don't have the self-assurance to actually believe someone would find it interesting.