Christopher Kruse

Also, what on earth are we going to call the 20s when they roll around again

The Screamin' Twenties?

The Tootin' Twenties?

Periodic not to let people know I'm still here. Been quiet the past couple weeks.

Alan Kay:

<<The sad part of [the doing -> images -> symbols] diagram is that every child in the United States is taught math and physics through this [symbolic] channel. The channel that almost no adult creative mathematician or physicist uses to do it... They use this channel to communicate, but not to do their thing. >>

The knight looked from his sword to the dragon.
"This is not going to work, is it?"
"Have you considered chocolate?"
"Should I?"
"Try it."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

I'm gonna throw up my GPG as soon as I can boot into a OS I can Trust #Crypto #Security

Yay! Got my instance back up and running after I made the decision to try to upgrade the DB. What I thought would be a quick change became ... not one.

ActivityPub made it to Proposed Recommendation! Woooo!
Now we just need to wait on member vote + management to find out if we make it to Recommendation!

I should make some blogposts! But first I'm gonna shower, attend some standards meetings ;P

get the fuck out with your traditionalist family values, python

I'm in one of those moods where focus is nigh-impossible.

The 2017 Mastodon Mini-Census is here!
It's only 10 questions, so it's nice and short :]

Please boost this so we can get as many responses as possible

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First day on a new team at work. Looking forward to some hands to keyboard time today. 😀

Hopefully doing as little as possible today.